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Sydney Rock oysters are succulent and quite delicate.

They're almost 'flat' and if you shuck them, they appear yellow on the inside.


They taste rich and creamy with a slight hint of iodine and are more 'minerally' tasting than other types of oysters.

They take about 3 years to reach maturity. Their best season is from September to March coinciding with the Aussie summer and peak social season.

Farmed from the Oyster Coast South from Hervey Bay Queensland down to border of Victorian/NSW) and the waters of Albany, Western Australia.


They taste sweet and creamy with a strong briny taste and smell.


They're available all year around but are at their best from April to September. 

Pacific are quite large and have a dark mantle edge. The mantle fills the shells and is dark white in colour, with a cream mantle.


Shucked Pacific oysters have a blue/grey shimmer.

They take 12-18 months to reach maturity, which is when they're ready to spawn for the first time. 

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