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The Oyster's secrets!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Impress everyone with your oyster knowledge!

Oysters are marine and freshwater mollusks called bivalves.

Their shell is made up of two halves called valves that are mirror images of each other, joined at one edge by a flexible ligament called the hinge. A bivalve closes its shells at low tide to prevent water loss and when in defense.

The rounded left valve is attached to a rock or a solid object and modifies its growth, allowing space for the animal growing in it. The flat right valve fits itself into the shape of the left.

The ligament allows for opening of the oysters. When oysters are ill, the valves are open.

Oysters feed itself by filtering algae, plankton and other nutrients. This causes the taste of oysters to vary, due to the salinity of the water and other environmental influences.

How does it fell to be an Oyster connoisseur? :)


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