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Find the right knife to be the best oyster shucker!

It looks very easy doesn't it?

A quick turn of the wrist, and off pops the shell, releasing the tasty oyster.

Our team members had to go through a lot of training and practice. But to be honest, if you don't have the right blade, you will need a lot of patience.

If your plan is to serve oysters in the half shell, you’ll probably want a knife that lifts the shell easily and with as little fuss as possible. All we want is to keep the oyster intact.

An oyster knife is shorter and sturdier with a pointed tip. The blade can be inserted into the tightly closed shell to pry the shell apart.

That's why we are always looking to provide our oyster shucker with the best oyster shucking knife.

The sharpness won't be a factor. It has to be pointy, thin, wide and sturdy.

The world of oysters is now at your fingerprints. You know which tool you will need to get your life easier. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding oyster and its secret. Have a good time eating oysters and hope you had a good time learning those little tips.


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