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Easy way to recognise good fresh oysters

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Want to try oysters or get to know more about the good ones? This post is for you!!

Our oyster shuckers are regularly trained to know how to recognise the best oysters. Today we will tell you easy ways to distinguish them.

No matter how you prepare the oyster, it will always supply light and fresh taste with a lot of nutrients. It can be steamed, stewed, sautéed, baked, or broiled, you will always find a way to treat the ones you love depending on their taste. You can check as well all the oyster’s health benefits here.

They must have the following properties:

· Closed shells. If an oyster's shell is open, it's likely that it's already dead.

· Discard any oysters that have broken shells as this exposure can cause the meat to spoil

· A fresh sea smell. Fresh oysters smell both sweet and salty, like the air next to the sea. If an oyster smells fishy or "off," it's probably not fresh.

· A heavy feel. Place the oyster in your palm. If has a nice heavy weight, that means it's still full of seawater and was probably harvested quite recently. If it's unexpectedly light, the seawater has dried up, and it's no longer fresh.

· Select oysters that are no more than four days old.

· Check to make sure that oysters have been stored on ice at the fish market. This preserves their freshness.

If cooking them, you should cook your oysters the day you buy them. Keep them in a bowl covered with a wet towel. Do not soak them in fresh water. It not only kills the clam, but also affects flavour.

You are now ready to enjoy, it’s time to shuck! :)


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