Our professional staff take any function to the next level.

The specially designed Oyster Belts ensure our professional staff can effortlessly roam your function, interacting with the guests whilst treating them to freshly shucked oysters. Our well-trained staff open an average of 60 oysters per hour, each and every one perfectly served half shell with a dressing of choice. This includes time for top-ups and for engaging clients in the process of shucking and general oyster knowledge.

Connoisseurs testify that oysters are best consumed in their own liquid or perhaps with a little touch of lemon. But, as we try and cater for everyone's taste, our standard condiment range consists of freshly ground pepper, Tabasco and fresh lemon which is automatically included in every quote.

Our Oysters

We maintain relations with several big suppliers of fresh oysters. This means we can always source the freshest oysters available. Both Sydney Rock oysters as well as Pacific oysters can effortlessly be shucked by our staff. If you have a preference for a specific region of origin, please let us know. 

As of recently, we're very proud to include Signature Oysters as a supplier. This collective of Australian oyster farmers are very well-know for their excellent quality oysters. 

If you'd rather have a different type of oyster all together, we'll dip in to our extensive supplier network and get you what you're after.

                                 Our innovative oyster belts ensure our wonderful staff can reach each and everyone at the party!

                                Our innovative oyster belts ensure our wonderful staff can reach each and everyone at the party!

Both Sydney Rock oyster and Pacific oysters are available all year around, although they have different peak times. From September till March, Sydney Rock oysters are at their most succulent and tasty. Pacific oysters are best enjoyed between April and September. 

No matter what time of year you're entertaining, we can always offer you prime oysters!