When I came to Australia in May 2008, I was overwhelmed by the country and its people. The love of life, the enjoyment in nature and all it has to offer, the easygoing attitude, the Sunday markets; I loved it straight from the start. When I moved to Sydney in 2010, I knew there was a market here for something indulgent and innovative. I love the Sydney beaches and cafés and of course the Sydney Fish Market; it's no wonder really that Sydneysiders are renowned for loving their seafood!

Oysters are noble, tasty, indulgent, refreshing and in my opinion best enjoyed with a glass of ice-cold white wine.

Sydney Oyster Girls is a fantastic concept and I'm very proud to introduce it to you. I don't just sell oysters; I sell a luxurious and fun addition to any occasion!

Staff is key at SOG. The staff know they are what makes Sydney Oyster Girls a success, not me. They love entertaining at parties, are always happy to explain exactly what they're doing and have great knowledge of oysters. Just ask them, don't be shy.

As a small business, I'm always looking at ways to improve. I will contact you after your event to discuss your experience and I welcome any feedback.

Shakespeare said 'the world is your oyster'. We say 'the world is our oyster. And we're in Sydney to stay!'

Maria - Owner Sydney Oyster Girls